Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Super Fantastic Day

Today has been awesome! Let's recap shall we?
1. I got into another play, in which I get to play a really cute role (It's rather Laura Petrie if you know that character. "OH ROB!")
2. I got spritely! Yep! I've been trying to get it for months on all kinds of different pets. And this morning I finally got it on Gus my Sea Turtle pet I won for best costume this Halloween. Thanks Ms. Paige!
 3. I got my grades back today. I'm a straight A student! Yay me! hehe.
4. I'm sporting a new look, and I'm loving it. Hmm, why do I want french fries all of a sudden?
Anyway, I'm having an awesome day! And know what the best part is?
Its not even over yet!


  1. Woah! the fact that you get grades is strange... since i thought you were adult from your old show refences/ way of writing/ mild manner. Well it just shows you are mature and congrats on the A's fellow A student.

  2. @Matthew: Thank you!I've just grown up with old TV and movies. Even adults get grades, since you can always go to school. :)


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