Friday, June 25, 2010

The Code Word

This morning Kevin and I were chatting (mostly about Petnome) and he said this:
(click to enlarge)
And because I am an old movie geek I totally thought How to Steal a Million. I would have got you a clip of the "togetherness" scene but I could not find one on YouTube. (I did find this video but it's really long. But if you feel like it fast-forward to about 12:33.)
So I made a little picture.

Yes, it's Peter O'Toole. It's a really good movie Audrey Hepburn is in it too, and it's directed by William Wyler! What happens is, they're in Paris and Audrey's dad...
Uh... Maybe you should just watch it.

Anyway, do you guys think we need more "togetherness"? ;)


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