Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Eventful Day

Yesterday was very eventful.
My Mustard Troll made it to Teen.
(Then this morning he got to adult too!)

Then there was Ravenwood Radio live. With an awesome Study Hall with MythSpent Youth! It makes me want to create another myth wizard! :D
Then of course there was an after party.
Amber showed us the Myth tower trick.
Then Jessica and I went and farmed the Jade Oni.
Then we went to Leesha's house to see her flock of piggles! (I like a "wiggle of piggles" better though.)
Here I am showing off my new Queen Spider and my new frosty outfit.
Then Stephen, via Kevin, asked to get a screenshot with me!
I nearly fainted! I mean. WOW! I like my outfit, but I didn't know Steve would!
Well... Back to farming I guess. :)

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