Saturday, June 26, 2010

Peace in the Spiral

Alia, Destiny, I agree.
You know what? It's just time to stop.
I'm not ever going to use this word again. Noob.
Nah. It's not necessary. And it's hurtful.
If I feel like it maybe I will call my younger wizards 'newbies' which is much nicer.
(But what is a noob? 1. Newbie. Inexperienced player. 2. Also used as a term reproach by some most.)
It's mean. Let's stop.


  1. I agree halfway. I do think we should stop using "noob" as an insult, and in hurtful ways. I will still use it though, because that's what I use to describe myself most of the time XD.

  2. err what if we ONLY use the first defention like me and sabrina?

  3. @Victoria: Well, personally I think we shouldn't even use it against ourselves. Then we're just hurting ourself insted of someone else. I stuggle with this not calling myself names... but I do think it's way better than saying it to someone else! I think "newbie" is better though.

    @Lyssie: Well, it's the reputaion the word has, you know? Again I think "newbie" is a better word, although you can't type it in to text chat (what the heck?), maybe you can with open, I'm not sure.

  4. Noob doesn't mean newbie or newb. It means an annoying player (could be a grand!) who makes people mad and acts rude. Also false reporters. But I don't think we should say that word.

  5. @Sorceress: Well I don't think KI would put a word in their game that meant ONLY bad things. I just think that it has devolved into an insult.


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