Monday, June 7, 2010


2,500 crowns,

2,500 crowns.

What do you think? And which would you pick?


  1. Honestly I'd probably get the snack pack lol

  2. Well like I have the staff I pick the snack pack, but if I were you I pick the staff espically if you have an alt it last more.

  3. Just buy a $10 gift card and get both!

    Well, I would choose the snack pack currently, since I already have the staff, but if I didn't have either, I would definitely buy the staff, because it could give up to 6 wizards much quicker and easier battles through level 25.

  4. Being the nerd I am, Snack Pack for sure. My (soon-to-be) Epic pets can give my new, noob characters a high Power Pip chance, universal Resistance (10-12% OMG!), health, and mana; something Ascendant will never give!

  5. Hmm, I have a level 7 Life wizard and the only pet I'm interested in leveling up is Arlen's Lord Spike so IF I had the crowns and I was under LVL 10 I'd pick the staff.

  6. Oh, yea nice new theme for your blog/site it's AWESOME!

  7. For me I would have to say the snack pack.


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