Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gobble, gobble, gobble

I won a gobbler pet! Yes! Thank you so much Valerian! I got my gobbler pet based on a good tip I sent in. Want to hear it? Okay here goes:
  "Okay so I have a pet tip. When you want to level up your pet, try to get on early in the morning and play mini-games till your energy runs out, then go about your chores or work/school. When you come back your energy will be back and you can proceed with pet leveling! :)"

And now I have Bubba!
Bubba is so cute! In a disgusting sort of way...


  1. I say the EXACT same thing to people who ask how I got mine to Ancient xD. You got a pet for saying that and I didn't though lol ;)

  2. Arlen: and you have a pet at Ancient and I don't! :)

  3. I'm good with just playing with my dragon, Zoe. (Who got bigger when i logged on which is soooo cool!)
    But ever since the pet pavilion was launched, i haven't even been to Merle to get the quest. too busy with leveling myself up. XD


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