Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ms. Evil

Hey everyone! How do you like the new template? Sorry about not being able to read the title, I'm working on a header.

Anyway, today I had a day off! It was nice because I had to work this weekend. So I decided, today is farming day!

First order of bussiness, get me a crab pet! So I take the alts of doom (Kestrel and my real-life friend's ice wizard,) and head on over to the Crazed Forest Spirit. It takes us a long time but my friend gets one! So we farm. And farm. And farm. And farm. And farm. And farm. Nada. He didn't even get another one. Grrrrrr!

Then we decide that all this farming would go a lot faster if he had some/all of his Grandmaster gear. So off to Snowcrusher, who was suprisingly lenent with us and gave up his boots after a few quick battles. So we head off to Yeva Spiderkeeper. We spend hours farming and get nothing! No nice new pet, no hat. Just a lot of Storm shoes, which I already have and things I can't use. GAH! SHE IS SO EVIL! So I take a break. I come back and in a few battle I have two Queen Spider pets and my friend has his hat. Woot! I will never farm Ms. Evil again! At least not for a while....

So now I'm back to farming the Crazed Forest Spirit. Nothing as yet. I will let you know when I get one! :)

Good luck with any farming you guys might be up to!



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