Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome to Stormriven

Woot! This morning I dinged level 55 and made it to Stormriven!
Check out the awesome new staff.
I really love it. I need to design a whole outfit around it. ;)
Not much else to report, just that I'm dying to get to level 58 to get my new spell now.
Medusa is really too awesome and I must have it. Right now!


  1. Congrats. Level 55 myself, but still standing at that level, since I can't play in CL on the weekends. It's just too crowded. Where'd you get that staff btw?

  2. @Xinaed: Congrats to you too! :) I know what you mean, it is pretty busy, but it's kind of nice when you have one of those 'collect x of x' quests. I got this staff from those boss dudes in Stormriven, I can't remember which one. lol! Maybe it was the fishy one...?

  3. Tristan and I battled with you, on Kestrel last night. At least we think it was you. You were with a person named Malvin? Lol. Wanted to friend you, but wasn't sure if it was you, so we didn't. :) Maybe we'll see you in the spiral again sometime. We can't play in CL much during day time hours, hence we're still only level 55 lol.

    I'll be on the look out for a "fishy" boss coming up in Stormriven. Not sure if we've run in to one yet, ha. But being sick is having its toll on us, making us sleep more, etc, and memories failing usually because of it. Stupid colds.

  4. Always a plus when a staff/wand looks good as well as being functional. I picked up a 55+ fire wand in the Bazaar last night, don't care for the look (glowing clam on a stick) but I couldn't pass up the +30 crit bonus. If they would let us stitch wands I'd go back to my Dean's cleaver in a second.

  5. @Xinaed: I don't have any Wizards named "Malvin". (Actually I personally, don't have any boy wizards. A list of all my alts can be found under the "about" section if you're ever wondering. :) )
    Um the bosses we were fighting were at the end of the big platform thingy. And when you fight one, another one comes up and it's this rotating cycle of bosses. I'm not really sure because I was just following Kevin Battleblood around. LOL! I was kind of lost and confused. xD
    Aw, feel better soon! :)

    @Sierra: Yes! :D
    I'd love to be able to stitch wands! I'm going to miss the sword-wands that we've had ever since the last half of Mooshu. It's like saying good-bye to an old friend. :( I do really like the telescope wands and my new staff though. :)

  6. Lol. No, that's what we think the other person was named. There was a GM Diviner that got pulled in to battle with us, and her name Kestrel (something, can't remember now) and we thought it might be you. If not, it's all good, we just were like, doesn't Heather have a GM diviner named Kestrel? :D


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