Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Times They are A-Changin': the community speaks

I have often spoken on the evils of the hoard packs. I spoke about the dragon's hoard and the wyvern's hoard, I spoke out against the nightmare pack, and then later about the kirin's hoard pack and pack-a-palooza. Well yesterday a new pack came out. The "Hoard of the Hydra" pack.
I'm not going to go through it all again, I've already said what I needed to say about the evil packs of evil. I'll just add that I found it disappointing to have such a junky lame pack (akin to the dragon pack of yore) after the really quite nice Emperor's Attic Pack, where most of the items were okay and auctionable (!).
 But it seems that people are starting to get really tired of the packs, not just me. The community is starting to speak out, so I'll let them do the talking:

@WizKathLight said: Wow. That new wand is just... wow. I am not amused. I something is THAT OP for PvP, and even PvE now, it shouldn't be pack-only.Wow. I love packs. The MooShu pack was great - fluff items, for fun. No game changing stats, just fun and play. This gear goes too far for me. I try to keep this feed positive, but I believe I will be taking a break from W101. I feel anger & disgust just thinking about the game now.
Please note that Katherine is a hardcore player and a member of the Merc4Hire team, and also one of the nicest canadian wizardesses I know. The chips are down people!

@KelseyFireheart said: I spent 30,000 crowns which made it 75 packs and no mount. #HydraPack #NotCool

The video makers have also thrown their hats in:

To me it's clear. The attitude towards these packs is shifting. I will be very interested to see what KI does to address this situation, if anything.
Be sure to contribute your feedback to KI, and to do so in a creative way (come up with new suggestions), often I see this making an impact in the game.
LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION! Oh okay. That was too much wasn't it? Probably.


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