Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Blog

Yup, I have decieded to write another blog. I'm not leaving wiz101 or anything! I'm trying to be a little more balanced, that's all. What's it about you ask? Animal Crossing. *blushes* I know. It's kinda silly, but I love it. You can read it here: Life on the Star-River. The name of my town is ĂŠleduin, it's elvish for Star-River. I know I am really geeky about LOTR. No one has to read it, but I really like writing about it, and that's all that matters to me. :)


  1. i play ac! I have the game for DS. But I haven't played it in awhile...Roald better still be in my town or i'll DIE. Roald is my home err penguin?

  2. Natalie: I have the game for DS too. It was my first version and I think the awesomest town ever! I haven't played it in forever though. I'm blogging about the Wii version (City Folk) because it's really easy to take screenshots! :)
    I love Roald too!

  3. I used to be "The Animal Crossing Addict."

    I'll play some Animal Crossing: City Folk from time to time on the Wii.

    I hope Rasher or Mimi didn't move out! They're my favorites!

    Ooh, that reminds me! My hair's gonna be TOTALLY messed up when I get back on! xD

    And I SO can't keep track, who the heck is ROALD?

    ~The LotusPetal

  4. Alia:
    ooh cool! Did you blog about it?

    I like Rasher too, but I don't think I've ever met Mimi...

    LOL, yep crazy bed-head is pretty funny!

    Roald is a pengiun. I know I've had him in my town but I can't remember what he's like. It's so hard to keep track!



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