Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ponderings in the Library

So I was wandering through Wizard City this morning when I walked into the Library to look for Earthquake treasure cards (no such luck,) and I started thinking about the library. We don't really know much about it. We hardly ever use it after level 20. Well I have some questions about the library.
What is back here?
Is it a secret tunnel to a secret room where cool stuff happens?
It reminds me a lot of the Minstry of Magic in the Order of the Phoenix.
Will we have to battle there to get to Celestia?
Next,  where do these doors lead?
Detention? Wonderland? Staff room? More books?
And I would like to know, where is all this water coming from?
And why would you mix books and water in such a large way? (maybe the books are from Celestia?)
Last but not least, is Susie Gryphonbane the Student Teacher, or is it Boris Tallstaff?
Now that is just confusing.


  1. Go to the KT librbary for treasure cards or either craft...

  2. @Malorn: Actually both the WC and the Krok libraries sell the treasure cards. I know I will have to craft. Ugh.

  3. These are actually really good points! They also might just be around because they're around, you never know!!!!


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