Sunday, June 26, 2011

"You outta be in pictures..."

("wah wah wah nah!")

I was reading Autumn's blog post about... oh well you've probably only read it. In it she said: "I get to be the Bad Guy. It's a pretty sweet role..." Heather thought: Basil Rathbone. Confused yet? Watson let me link that train of association for you. Bad guy - villain - movies - Robin Hood - Sir Guy/Prince John - (elimination round) Claude Rains - Basil Rathbone! So now and forever, I will think of Autumn as Basil. Not as the real person Basil, but as the caricature of the suave, sinister, clever, totally cool, dueling, awesome person I think of when I think of Basil.

So if Autumn is Basil, then that of course makes Miss Mythspent Youth Abigail/Lisa Sir John Gielgud. For me Sir John (that's what I call him, Sir John) is insanely brilliant. End of story. For me reading Mythspent is like eating candy, I can't get enough, Lisa is always really entertaining and clever. See the parallels?

 Naturally that would make TFN Steve McQueen. Just. Totally. Cool.

And by process of elimination, KBB would be John Barrymore. (Kevin you were hard, I though of Spencer Tracy, Peter O'Toole, and Patrick Stewart, but none of them fit!) Barrymore is somebody who I think is a brilliant and actively smart actor and he has this charisma too, that makes you want to give him your attention.

Well now that I've probably embarrassed myself (and several other people, both living and dead) into the next decade, it's your turn! I want to hear what you think. Have I assigned people correctly? Who do you compare your friends with? Who do you think I am? (Don't be afraid. I won't find out where you live and turn all the socks in your drawer inside out or anything. What ever gave you that idea?) And mostly, does your brain think like this too?


P.S. If you didn't understand anything that I was referring to in this blog post. DON'T WORRY! Most people aren't the insane old film nerds that I am. These are the people your grandparents grew up watching. Yeah. I know...


  1. Heather,I'm honored! Your post is an amazing bit of writing, with very congruent graphics to match! Give yourself some 'props'! ;)

    Yeah, it never fail, being the Bad Guy. Sure, we have to (by contract) "lose" at the end, but boy, do we shine during our run!

    So glad you didn't mention Bogart. The only role I ever liked him in was "The African Queen".

    "I won't find out where you live and turn all the socks in your drawer inside out or anything." -Bwah,ha,ha,ha! Evil! Love it!

  2. Autumn,

    Aw thanks. :) Good to know that it makes sense to some who is not in my crazy head. LOL

    I am a big Bogie fan, but I don't know of anybody who fits his 'tough guy' personality in my mind. (Bogie was pretty cool guy in real life. He was actively against the HUAC, and all the black-listing that was coming down in Hollywood in the post-war years.)




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