Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to make Treasure Cards

We all like Treasure Cards right? They can be really useful and make a great gift.
Did you know you can make your own? (Yes, most of you probably do, but hey! Ya never know...)
Yes you can make your own treasure cards, they are called enchanted treasure cards.
To make a treasure card, first we have to go to the library.
Now you can pick up a couple different kinds of cards for treasure card making, (mainly "tough" and "keen eyes",) but today I'm just going to use Keen Eyes.
Okay now that we've bought some keen eyes, lets go to Unicorn way.
"Why Unicorn way?" you ask. Well you need to enter a battle to make a treasure card, and since Lost Souls in Unicorn Way are some of the easiest enemies in the game, it's best just to use them.
So now we have to set up our deck. Take all your treasure cards out of your deck, and put all your Keen Eyes in your treasure card slots.
Next, pick a few types of cards you want to make treasure cards out of and put them in your deck.

If you are going to use Keen Eyes to make treasure cards, you need to pick a card that has an accuracy under 100%.
Now jump into a battle.
Get rid of one card in your hand, and draw a treasure card.
Click on your keen eyes card.
See how the cards that can be made into treasure cards light up?
Click on one of those.
Now it's a treasure card, with increased stats!
Right click on it to put it away.
Continue doing this, till you run out of cards to enchant.
Now draw an extra Keen Eyes and pass.
Next turn you won't need to discard anything, just continue making treasure cards until you run out of cards to draw.
Then kill the Lost Soul with a wand card.
Now you have a nice bunch of newly minted treasure cards.
Don't forget to take them out of your treasure card slots and refill it with Keen Eyes before you hope into another battle!
Now that you have some treasure cards you can trade with other players!
But only for a short time I'm afraid. Because KI is removing the ability to trade enchanted treasure cards with other players, as part of the pet update.
I do NOT like that choice.
But I still plan on making and trading treasure cards while I can. :)

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  1. Great guides Heather, thanks for relieving the mystery for those still in the fog out there!

    You should make a page for each different type of guide, with links to the posts themselves!


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